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Anders ([personal profile] andurz) wrote2012-05-31 01:27 am

In which whitewashing in the media is serious and Saphie and I talk about it seriously

[In which [personal profile] kpolil and [personal profile] andurz acknowledge the reasoning behind Anders' use of a POC PB for the human form of a nonhuman character]

psychicsaphie 12:20 am
Can I just say I am super happy that you chose a black dude for goliath because why not
that makes sense
VAed by a black guy, dark skinned as a gargoyle...

Chalkwitch 12:20 am
Dude seriously

psychicsaphie 12:20 am
I know it was a conscious choice on your part and I think that is cool
I hate when people pick PBs that are always white.

Chalkwitch 12:21 am
I mean it was half-conscious because he's very dark-skinned as a human in that one episode . . . There was another episode in the third noncanonical season I know where he was human and white but I said fuck that.

psychicsaphie 12:22 am

Chalkwitch 12:22 am
You could make the argument that since they're from tenth-century Scotland their human equivalents should all be white but I make the counterargument that fuck you.
Counterargument over.

psychicsaphie 12:23 am
/high fives
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[personal profile] farasha 2012-05-31 03:25 pm (UTC)(link)
He always sounded like a black dude to me, so it makes total sense. I remember that one episode where they were all human and I kind of tilted my head and said "Oh, that's the direction you're going in? Ok..."

It probably helped that the most recent time I saw Gargoyles was like, a year ago, and I was watching for that kind of thing.